I've Gone-a-Viking; find out where!

Windows 7

I returned my defective laptop with its defective Windows Vista to Best Buy because it could not hold an Internet or network connection. Rather than the ASUS G51 I brought home a G60 loaded with Windows 7 - a vast improvement all around. The laptop doesn't have the side lights on the monitor's sides but that doesn't matter much. The important thing is that I can actually get on and stay online and was able to transfer my documents from my desktop quickly and efficiently and without any hang-ups due to permissions or connectivity. I started at about 11:00 am and finished about 6:00 pm and by that time had all files transferred, BitDefender installed, Firefox up and running and even Civ III Conquests installed. And here I spent almost 2 weeks trying to make the last one work.

So I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Had a bit of an early misadventure returning today for the G60. They sent me home with another G51 with Vista so I had to run right back to the store. Fortunately, they admitted their error in selling a Vista computer and didn't try to charge me the 15% restocking fee - another $150 bucks. So I remain quite happy with Best Buy. Of course, how could I not? They're from Minnesota, like me. I grew up with them and have seldom had a complaint.

So far I've no problems. My wireless Logitech mouse is working fine. I even had problems with it on the previous laptop. Just a lemon I apparently. So final judgment? Windows 7 is a winner. So is the ASUS G60. My son now has my old desktop and he's happy too since his old one was my old one and was quite old and wearing down. He can actually get on to Play House Disney now and play his games, and I can go anywhere I want in the house to work and write, which is a huge advantage. All that remains now is cleaning off my desk...but that's a story for tomorrow.

Looking Upon a Troubled Vista

So Vista is every bit as bad as the Mac commercials say it is. I always laughed along with those commercials. They're clever and witty and the characters are likable. They're among the best commercials ever made in that they're actually enjoyable to watch (along with the commercials with the baby giving investment advice).

But now I see beyond the humor to the agony Vista users have experienced all this time. I should have waited another few days to the release of Windows 7 (October 22) but I thought, "how bad can it be?" I found out. Not easy to last a few days when those few days are making you want to throw the laptop through the nearest window.

Twice now it's gone back to its factory settings and twice I've installed my software and copied my files over from my desktop. It is difficult to figure out what is causing what problems but I never had this kind of trouble with XP, even with the same software installed. Which always leads me back to Vista.

Whoever was responsible for Vista should be strung up by his or her thumbs, and we should all of us who have dealt with it be reimbursed for the hours we've lost, hours we will never see again. It's more of a hoax than an operating system, after all, so criminal charges, I think, are warranted. Has their been a class action suit for fraud? If not, there should be. Vista purports to be an operating system; what it is is something quite different. It does not allow operation of a computer - it impedes operation of a computer. To the extent a Vista-loaded computer functions at all it functions despite, not because of Vista.

That's how bad Vista is.

I hope anyone even remotely tempted to get suckered into a sale at the last minute (like I was) waits just those few extra days. I'll have my free upgrade shortly after Vista comes out (can I hope for next-day shipping?) but that won't get me back my lost and wasted hours. I'm just glad I didn't do this when Vista came out.

Windows 7, you can't come soon enough.

Screw the Environment! (It's too expensive!)

This is the kind of representation I have in Congress...and believe it or not, this guy is better than Souder:
Thank you for contacting me regarding the impacts of global climate change. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns on this issue.

I am deeply concerned about the threat posed by global climate change. The scientific consensus on this issue is unequivocal. Global warming is real and greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are causing it. Scientists and others warn that climate change threatens our nation's security, and may imperil future generations' opportunity for safe, healthy, and prosperous lives.

However, any carbon-constraining mechanism must protect Hoosier ratepayers, workers and businesses from increased costs. Additionally, other nations of the world must be included in this effort, because if they are not, our action will be for naught.

Please rest assured, should legislation regarding global climate change be introduced in the 111th Congress, I will keep your views in mind.

What this clown doesn't realize is that pretty soon it will be too expensive to take a breath. Time to stop worrying about things getting more expensive and do what needs to be done. If we constantly complain about the cost, it will never be done, and then what?

You lost my vote already, Mr. Bayh, but you'd lose it again if you hadn't already. I don't know who you are representing here, but it isn't me. I am beginning to suspect it is yourself.

In from Amazon

I received my eagerly awaited shipment of books from yesterday. There were actually three books. The first was from the Vine program, for me to read and review - Larry Bond's Red Dragon Rising, about a future war (in 2014) with China. I was hooked from the first page. I had just written a review of the perfectly horrible Across the Face of the World, by Russell Kirkpatrick, and one of my complaints was that the character's were not sympathetic. I can say that's not the case here. I look forward to reading it. I got through the first 70 pages yesterday amid frequent interruptions.

The other two books are Jan Assmann's Moses the Egyptian. The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism and William G. Dever's Did God Have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel. I was almost salivating looking at these two books. Actually having them for myself and not through a library is a wonderful feeling.

Here I began the day yesterday wishing I had something juicy to sink my teeth into and my hopes were answered by end of day. I have a couple of Warhammer novels from Vine but they seem of more indifferent quality than usual so they won't be the pleasure to read most of the Black Library's books are and will end up being more of a duty than a pleasure, unfortunately.