I've Gone-a-Viking; find out where!


Who needs 401(k) when you got 40K? Seriously. In the grim dark future there is only war, and a 401(k) won't impress those Dark Eldar raiders very much, now will it?

But a good Bolter will.

I've set up shop in my basement to begin painting my Warhammer 40K Army. I've got two projects going, one of which is to remain a mystery until its unveiling. Suffice it to say that not many hobbies are as harmless or enjoyable as this.

Because I have killer cats in the house, I got a covered box from Target for placing the figures in between sessions, and a plastic tray (also from Target) to put my paint pots in. I still need to grab an old mug to use for water (for cleaning the brushes) and something to mix paints in (I used to use those little metal lids from paints you paint plastic models with). They sell empty pots for $1.50 to use to mix your paints in but they're a little deep for my liking. I prefer something shallow (like Sarah Palin) so I'll have to hunt around and find something. I've been making do with whatever I can find until now and I need something of a more permanent nature. Maybe I'll just use caps from 20 oz. soft drinks.

The lighting isn't optimal down there either so I need to get hold of a desk lamp. But I can't continue to use the kitchen table. I miss having cats that don't try to eat my stuff. These two are of inferior gene stock.

Oh, I also picked up a nice set of files - 12 of them - to use on the metal figures. I need to get a little pair of clippers too. The files are nice. My old sets only had 3-4 files in it, and I was going to buy the Games Worskshop set for $12.00 (which also has just four files) when the kind gentleman running the store directed me towards another brand that gives you twelve files for $12.99. A much better deal! And they came in useful already.

I bought a load of Warhammer paints, nine colors that I really needed. I love these paints. Vibrant colors and you don't have to mess with solvents like you did with the old modeling paints (the caps, as I said, were the only useful thing to come out of those). I know that Selkie can verify my words with regards to Games Workshop paints.

Now that the dark time of the year is coming (love watching those leaves fall!) I will be spending far less time out of doors and so will be directing my attentions inward, working on the websites, blogging, the forums, and of course, my 40K army.

School Isn't What it Used to Be

What have we come to? I don't remember getting billed by school when my two older kids were in kindergarten...but I got a bill in the mail today for "educational material fees" in the amount of $93.00. This includes "textbook rental fees." Rental hell. The kids don't bring the damn books home to work on things so I don't see how it's any kind of rental. It also includes 4 pencils, as though parents couldn't send 4 pencils from home. Insane. I thought that's what tax dollars were for.